Simple Shortcuts to Progress: You Become Your Business

Thought Planning:

Clearly Picture The Ideal State Of Your Life, Focus On It Several Times A Day 17+ Seconds Define Your Favorite Thing To Do, If You Had Plenty Time & Money To Do It Discover How To Communicate Your Best Way Of Doing Your Favorite Thing To Others Set Yourself Up For Just That Service By Looking Beyond Conventional Business Methods Bundle Your Favorite Thing To Do With The Favorite Things Of Others For Expansion Focus On The Discovery Of New Ways Of Networking And Business Fulfillment, Automation Be Completely Devoted To Giving The Best You Can At Any Given Time

Hint: When feeling certain that this is what you desire, spiritual Power makes it so.


Ultimate Outcome

Completely OVERCOMING THE OLD & Becoming Individually, Independently Happy & Fulfilled, leaving Death, Sickness & Old Age (Poverty) behind. How can this be achieved?


Celebrating Life Daily in any manner desired, Playing games, Exploring challenges & Succeeding.

 Living Up To Capacity

Inventing, discovering, FLYING… 

Transitional Crutches

based NOT on ‘Build IT and they will come’, but ‘Build YOURSELF and they will come’. Why? To ‘BE’  = To ‘HAVE’.

Prepare yourself, get to know your ‘weapon’; aim at the target you decide to hit, shoot. If you miss (‘sin’), shoot again. But the preparation of yourself and the knowledge of your weapon are the key.

Small Business Owner?

You Are Invited to Discover & Investigate Pre (hand)-selected, Relevant & Useful Solutions For Your Individual & Business Advancement Beyond The Predictable Future…



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