The Prayer



The Truth In The Prayer


The prayer is currently being misunderstood as pleading, begging, last-minute help by the moronic populace of mind-dead dogs. Here is what Jesus said: Thomas (14) Jesus said to them, “If you fast, you will give rise to sin for yourselves; and if you pray, you will be condemned; and if you give alms, you will do harm to your spirits…” Replace prayer with determined I-AM statements that are to be kept.


What is the honest state of truth at which any individual under Jesus The Christ must arrive? It is condensed to the Prayer given to us by Jesus The Christ:

(The Aramaic Lord’s Prayer Jesus Used Himself)

aboon dabashmaya
Our father who is in heaven,

1- OUR FatherALL who believe in/understand Jesus The Christ’s Message are His children, no matter how we feel about it. He has NO preference (respect for persons) for any one individual, or group!

2- Which art in Heaven– Heaven is the drawing board, where the creative action happens, and it is DONE BY OUR FATHER THROUGH and for us. At every minute of our lives, we are FREE to DOWNLOAD any inexhaustible thing from heaven, in order to give as much of ourselves as we desire.

nethkadash shamak
holy is his name,

3- Hallowed be thy name– singled out is your being. There is no other as complete, powerful and perfect as you. Adhered to your NATURE be our life, for we are as figs of the fig tree the Father’s 1st fruit.

tetha malkoothak
your Kingdom is coming,

4- Thy KINGDOM come– A Kingdom has ONLY ONE ruler and many nameless HELPERS. Our King is Jesus The Christ, and NOBODY else. No one else is to EXALT their name, their ‘own’ teachings (partial truths, or falsity), or SELL their books and tapes, as long as they must pass as suppositions & assumptions, and as long as THE REAL GOSPEL has not been taught, for it has been under lock and key.

newe tzevyanak
your will is being done

5- THY Will BE Done– Our Father’s will has come to be explained by the New Testament, sealed and ratified by the symbolic death of Jesus The Christ, and demonstrated by His message. Only Jesus The Christ, as far as it concerns closeness to applied wisdom (Instant Creation through us) can rightfully claim congruence with our Father. However, He will gladly teach it to us via the Holy Spirit.

aykan dabashmaya af bara
on earth as it is in heaven,

6- In Earth, as it IS in Heaven– Heaven is perfect, ideal and complete in peace, prosperity, health, happiness, etc. This is the way our Father wants it here on earth. He wants His children to live joyfully!

hav lan lakma dsoonkanan yamanawashbook lan
give us our bread day by day

7- GIVE US this day our daily bread– We are to command the work of HIS (Right) HAND (Jesus The Christ), because He is at our beck and call, as demonstrated by Jesus The Christ’s washing His disciples’ feet. The more we have fun in doing favors for ourselves (the “friends” of Job), the more we will receive favors from our Father.

kavine aykana daf hanan shabookan lhayavine oolow talahn lanesyana
as we forgive those who trespass and sin against us

8- Forgive us our debt, as we forgive our debtors– Do not punish or mistreat anyone for ‘owing’ anything, for we owe our Father much and He does not punish!

9- Do not Lead Us Into Temptation– It is our Father, who leads us into temptation through Satan to test us, as long as He thinks it necessary. As we correct erroneous beliefs, we eliminate His need to tempt us.

ela fatsan men beesha
deliver us from evil

10- and deliver us from evil– Our Father made evil, just as He made good. We must find the balance in the center of the symmetrical cross, where the crown of life is situated. Only then can He deliver us, by giving us the fullest of His effectiveness in creation. The most effective attitude, and Jesus The Christ demonstrated it, is nonresistance, conformity within our Father’s principles and determined service to others. After all our Father WANTS IT THE WAY IT IS.

11 – For THINE is the KINGDOM, the POWER & the GLORY. Amen.

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